ISIC -- IP Stack Integrity Checker

Current Owner:
Shu Xiao
Original Creator:
Mike Frantzen
isic-0.07.tgz (MD5 checksum: 29f70c9bde9aa9128b8f7e66a315f9a4)

ISIC is a suite of utilities to exercise the stability of an IP Stack and its component stacks (TCP, UDP, ICMP et. al.) It generates piles of pseudo random packets of the target protocol. The packets be given tendancies to conform to. Ie 50% of the packets generated can have IP Options. 25% of the packets can be IP fragments... But the percentages are arbitrary and most of the packet fields have a configurable tendancy.

The packets are then sent against the target machine to either penetrate its firewall rules or find bugs in the IP stack. ISIC also contains a utility generate raw ether frames to examine hardware implementations.

Starting from version 0.07, ISIC includes utilities (*sic6) to test IPv6 protocol stack. These would of course need IPv6 enabled in the system as a prerequisite.

Other Uses:
Other novel uses people have found for ISIC include IDS testing, stack fingerprinting, breaking sniffers and barraging the IRC kiddie.
Libnet 1.1.x
ISIC may break shit, melt your network, knock out your firewall, or singe the fur off your cat

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